Software Development

We pride ourselves with having boththe experience and creativity required to solve difficult problems. We believe in the importance of Free Software which respects the rights of the users, and as a company we want to ensure that we provide a great solution that empowers everyone who uses it.

We are familiar with many different technologies and platforms, and can provide both consulting and training.

Software Development
On-site development/consultation costs$140 / hr
Off-site development costs$80 / hr

Mac OS X & iPhone Development

We are able to assist with the development of Objective-C applications, and user interfaces created with Mac OS X Developer tools. We have expertise in the majority of Mac OS X frameworks and APIs, and

We have worked on a number of open source Mac OS X applications

Embedded Development

We have experience with C/C++ and integration with external peripherals such as GPS modules, cellphones and satphones. We have targetted a number of different CPUs including Atmel AVR and ARM processors.