Internet Services

We can provide hosting and email services, including the setup of off-site backup.

Website Hosting (New Zealand)
Basic Website Hosting$5 / week
National traffic (New Zealand)FREE
International traffic$3 / GB
Website Storage$1 / GB / week
Website Hosting (International)
Basic Website Hosting$2.50 / week
International TrafficFREE
Website Storage$1 / GB / week
Email Hosting
Email Account / Forwarding$1 / week
Email Storage$1 / GB / week
Off-site Administration Costs
Systems Administration Work (9am - 9pm)$60 / hr
Systems Administration Work (9pm - 9am)$120 / hr

We also offer customized services to meet your exact requirements.

Website & Email Hosting

Orion Transfer relies on the latest virtualization technology to provide fast and cost effective hosting solutions.

All websites and email accounts are backed up to our offsite facility. Backups are taken nightly and are retained indefinitely.

Spam Protection

Orion Transfer has a custom developed email filtering system to reduce the hassle caused by spam. Here is a brief overview of how it works: